Tune in Now and Listen:

12/6/12, Pursuing Sophia(Studying the Proverbs)
(13.9MB) - Richard Alawaye

11/29/12, Men's Class - Obedience: A Word Study,
(13.9B), Steve Galbreath

11/15/12, Working From Inside Out,
(15.3 MB), Abdul Lindsay
Slides for Nutrition Class

10/25/12, Women's Class - Perseverance,
(11.7MB), Marisabel Becker

10/25/12, Men's Class - Knowing God,
(10.0MB), Alan Rouse

10/18/12, Reaching Non Christians
(11.7MB) - Richard Alawaye

10/11/12, Spreading God's Grace
(12.8MB) - Richard Alawaye

10/4/12, By the Grace of God
(12.3MB) - Richard Alawaye

9/27/12, Women's Class - Prayer,
(8.0MB), Barb Collier

9/27/12, Men's Class - Drawing Closer to God,
(10.4MB), Steve Collier

9/13/12, Fear Not, For I Have Redeemed You
(13.5MB) - Richard Alawaye

9/6/12, The Return of the King
(13.6MB) - Richard Alawaye

9/6/12, Teen Parents Class,
(11.2MB), Steve Collier

8/30/12, Men's Class--Encouraging
(11.2MB) - Mike Rowell

8/30/12, Women's Class--Controlling Your Mind
(11.2MB) - Christy Roberson

8/16/12, God Makes It Grow
(10.2MB) - Danny Doble

8/9/12, When Heaven Celebrates Part 2
(12.0MB) - Richard Alawaye

8/2/12, Bringing Salvation to Others
(8.1MB) - Richard Alawaye

7/26/12, Men's Class--Many Live in Fear
(10.6MB) - Steve Galbreath

7/26/12, Women's Class--Sisters Sharing from WDS Summit
(13.1MB) - Sarah Alawaye

7/19/12, Fear of Men
(12.9MB) - Richard Alawaye

7/5/12, Spiritual Freedom
(9.9MB) - Bill Francis

6/28/12, Men's Class--Mission to Change the World
(10.7MB) - Alan Rouse

6/28/12, Women's Class--Carrying Your Cross
(10.7MB) - Roxanne Galbreath

6/21/12, Satan's Tactics-Discouragement and Defeat
(10.6MB) - Richard Alawaye

6/14/12, Obedience-The Doorway to Blessings(Part 1)
(13.0MB) - Richard Alawaye

6/7/12, Our Enemy the Devil(Introduction)
(14.1MB) - Richard Alawaye

5/31/12, Men's Class--Live a Life Worthy of Your Calling
(9.5MB) - Steve Galbreath

5/31/12, Women's Class--Serving
(11.5MB) - Sherry Rouse

5/24/12, Watering What's Been Planted
(10.0MB) - Danny Doble

5/10/12, Preaching Christ-Christ and Him Crucified, (12.6MB), Richard Alawaye

4/26/12, Men's Class--Listening to the Voice of Truth, (10.7MB), Steve Collier

4/26/12, Women's Class--Connecting Spiritually with God, (10.7MB), Marisabel Becker

4/5/12, The Answer We Don't Want to Hear, (10.9MB), Richard Alawaye

3/29/12, Men's Class--Contrast between Kings Ahaz and Hezekiah, (11.2MB), Steve Galbreath

3/29/12, Women's Class--What Were You Thinking?, (9.9MB), Barb Collier

3/22/12, Where is the Spirit Sending You, (9.9MB), Richard Alawaye

3/8/12, The Love of Jesus Goes Another Step Further, (10.3MB), Joe Washington

3/1/12, Doing the Ministry, (11.0MB), Richard Alawaye

2/23/12, Men's Class--Spiritual Maturity, (11.4MB), Mike Rowell

2/23/12, Women's Class--Holding on to Hope, (9.5MB), Christy Roberson

2/9/12, Reaping What You Sow, (10.4MB), Richard Alawaye

1/26/12, The Extravagant Love of Jesus, (12.6MB), Sarah Alawaye

1/26/12, Are You Changing the World?, (11.7MB), Alan Rouse

1/19/12, What the Spirit Does, (12.1MB), Richard Alawaye