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1/8/12, Week 1: Introduction to New Testament Survey,
(9.1 MB), Steve Collier
Intro Slides
NT Survey Intro Notes

1/15/12, Week 2: The Gentile World,
(9.9 MB), Steve Collier
Gentile World Slides
NT Survey Gentile World Notes

1/22/12, Week 3: The Synoptic Gospels,
(9.3 MB), Gary Roberson

2/5/12(not yet available), Week 5: Gospel of John,
(9.3 MB), Steve Collier
Gospel of John Slides
NT Survey Gospel of John Notes

2/12/12, Week 6: The Jewish Church,
(9.1 MB), Steve Collier
Jewish Church Slides
NT Survey Jewish Church Notes

2/19/12, Week 7: Acts of the Apostles,
(8.5 MB), Gary Roberson

2/26/12, Week 8: Acts of the Apostles,
(10.3 MB), Gary Roberson

3/4/12, Week 9: Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey and Rome,
(8.5 MB), Danny Doble
3rd Missionary Journey Slides
NT Survey 3rd Missionary Journey Notes

3/11/12, Week 10: Paul in Prison & Prison Epistles,
(9.6 MB), Steve Collier
Paul in Prison Slides
NT Survey Paul in Prison Notes

3/18/12, Week 11: Final Journeys and Letters of Paul,
(9.0 MB), Gary Roberson

4/1/12, Week 12: Hebrews,
(9.7 MB), Gary Roberson